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Butterfly square sent to Alaska to be included in a "quilt" to be auctioned off to benefit breast cancer. It has a malachite chip in the grass, and a star above the butterfly. The butterfly is raised with burgundy felt, and covered in transparent pink beads. March 2007


This box was made for my Aunt Jan. It's named Stepping Stones, for the things that help support us on the journey of life: faith, nature, family, hopes, dreams. It has 3 stones from the Skagit River. Feb 2007


2007 BJP Under the fairy ring This piece for the BJP was inspired by all the mushrooms growing in our rainy October. After considering various ways of looking at mushrooms, I chose the view point of looking up from the ground. The mushrooms are raised with felt, with a row of beads under the edges to give it a rounded effect. I really like this piece.


This is my first goddess. She brought me good vibes as I worked on it. I wanted her to look like she was swinging. She is in the the collection of Sandi Everest. 2007


September BJP - Bubbles. It's my first time using sequins as part of the picture. 2007